Frequently asked questions

What size should I purchase?

Please refer to our size guide. If you are between sizes we recommend sizing up. If you are unsure please reach out to us.

When will my order ship?

We endeavor to make your order soon after it is placed. However, please allow up to 10 working days for us to make your order and deliver to the Post Office.

How do I clean my Golden Tales product?

We understand every fur baby can get a little dirty! We recommend hand washing your accesories with a gentle and mild soap. Then lay flat to dry.

What elements of your business are sustainable?

We try our very best to reduce out ecological footprint whilst ensuring your fur babies have the latest on trend accessories. Our fabrics are made from a mixture of recycled fibres and natural fibers. Depending on your order your accessories are packaged in recyable boxes or eco friendly satchels. We use biodegradable finishes from washi tape to eco-fetti.

Can I be a model for your business?

We love seeing so many fur-babies interested in becoming a Golden Tale model. As much as we wish you could all be ambassadors for our business, we currently are holding model searches 3-4 times per year. Follow our Instagram for updates on upcoming searches and put your best floofy foot forward!