About Us

A trio of golden fur-babies and their three dog-obsessed mums. 


Born out of Melbourne Australia, Golden Tales is a blend of creativity, dedication and above all love for our very dear golden fur- babies. 


Golden Tales is not only about providing gorgeous, hand-made pet accessories (that’s right – cats are welcome here too!) but giving our customers an experience, where they can spoil their very special pets and create their own ‘Golden Tales’ to cherish forever.

The Team


Loki the Cocker Spaniel was welcomed into the family in early 2019 and has melted hearts since with his unique and hilarious personality. With bags full of energy (and maybe even slightly crazy) as a pup, Loki has since grown into a gentle, sweet and loving boy. We can’t deny that he is the biggest mummy’s boy and expresses his love in kisses, howls and cuddles. He loves his aunty Lulu and cousin Barney and they have been best friends since the day they met.  His guilty pleasure is destroying every plant he can get his paws on! 


Rosie is the creative energy behind the brand, in charge of selecting the gorgeous fabrics and hardware you see and producing each product with love and care to bring a smile to you and your pups face. 



Barney the golden boy is the latest addition to the family but by no means is any less loved than the others. He is by far the cutest little pup and has already made a mark on each of our lives. He is a happy, curious and a bundling fluff of joy! He loves going for walks at the beach and loves any activity involving water! He likes to help out with the gardening – which isn’t always appreciated! 


Karly is the social media and marketing brain within Golden Tales. Her tasks involve posting to our social pages, discovering new pups for our model searches and coming up with unique ideas that leave an impression on our customers.  


Lulu is one unique, slightly crazy but super sweet Golden Retriever. She was the smallest pup in her litter but that didn’t stop her taking on the world at full force! Although full of energy (and sometimes naughtiness) Lulu has a condition that unfortunately will not allow her to live a full life like her golden friends. Although ridiculously cute as a tiny pup, we knew that something wasn’t quite right in the little girl. She was diagnosed with kidney failure in late 2018 and we were told she may last anywhere between 2 and 6 months. Almost a year later she is defying the odds and refusing to leave us until all she has destroyed all of her toys and beds. She is full of personality and will always hold a special place in our hearts. 


Denise has a very important role within Golden Tales. She is the one you reach out to when you have sizing questions or can’t quite decide between Rose Gold and Silver (because dah they are both stunning!) She packages each of your orders and makes sure every one of our customers receives the Golden Tales experience.